[ the cards ] immersion learning Learn Smarter.

Solve the puzzle, learn some English

Grammar is stored in your procedural memory. That's a fancy way of saying the stuff you do without thinking. When you ride a bike, that's procedural memory in action. Swimming. Typing. Breathing. You get the idea.

When you learn by memorizing rules and filling in blanks, that's like trying to learn to ride a bicycle by reading the manual.
It just doesn't work.

Find the clues to understand for yourself. Then use it. In your own works.
When you're in the situation - just like riding a bike - speaking will happen without thinking. Your brain knows where to find what it needs.
It works.

What do you mean, Understanding?

Think of a book you read last year. What can you still tell me about it? The main character's name? Specific details or scenes? Or can you only summarize, what was the book really about? Not the plot necessarily, but the theme. Most people can do the latter if not a single detail. Why? Because getting the theme is understanding. When you come to your own understanding about something, memorization is all but irrelevant.

With the cards, you figure out what's going on. No one tells you anything, you've got to turn on your own brain.