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Angol, na? isn't just for learning, it's a place where you can use what you learn. Take a class in pottery or painting or anything, that just happens to be in english. Good at something and want to teach others? We can arrange that. What a convenient way to practice ; ) Borrow a book, or flop in a chair and read in-store, to practice reading and expand your vocabulary. Play games, socialize. The more you use a language, the more easily it sticks.

We don't have a coffee machine yet, so until we do feel free to bring your own.

Take-a-book Leave-a-book

Reading is a good thing. So we're leaving a box outside so people can trade their books. For free. It will be most effective if everyone leaves something when they take something, but when you've gotta read you've gotta read. If you don't have a book to trade, just drop it back when you're done. If you've got books you just don't read anymore and want to leave them, grateful readers would appreciate your generosity. If it's raining, hailing, sleeting, or otherwise book damaging weather, the box will be just inside the door. At least, unless you're good at carpentry and want to help us build a proper outdoor box ; )

The Library

Mystery, thrillers, classics, young adults to old, fiction and non, it's a little library but a thoughtful one. Learn how to do magic tricks or ballroom dance, ponder poetry or pick up a volume that makes you laugh. Book for almost every level. Here are a few of my favorites to tempt you :

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe : C.S. Lewis
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory : Roald Dahl
It was like this... : Eva Janikovszky
How to Fossilize your Hampster
Reader's Digest Practical Problem Solver
Voyage to the End of the Room : Tibor Fischer

To get a library card, there is a 3.000huf deposit, refundable when you return the card (as long as you haven't wandered off with a book). Books can be checked out for two weeks. If you're not finished, bring it back into the hackerspace to renew.

English in Use : Take a class

Courses and availability constantly changing, stop in the hackerspace to find out what's on now.

We're hoping to organize an 'everyone has something to teach' series. Because everyone has a skill they can pass on to others, whether it's scholarly or silly. Want to get involved? Contact Annie

More soon!